International Relocation Services to the UK

November 1, 2023

A beautiful countryside, historic cities and multicultural lifestyle, the UK has turned a top attraction for people all over the world. Made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, this union of countries is honoured by both their individual and joint history.

Expats moving to UK have always enjoyed a life of quality and opportunity. E-Movers, trusted international movers in Delhi, has helped several families relocate to popular cities in the UK. Whether you are moving to the countryside or central part of UK, our team of packers and movers are committed to delivering the highest quality relocation service each time.

In this article, we run you through the many good reasons to shift house to the UK.

Health care

UK is a world leader when it comes to healthcare facilities. You also find the best hospitals in the world over here, which have attracted medical practitioners and researchers from over the globe. Residents have access to National Health Services (NHS) free of cost, and medicines are available at subsidised rates and hence they’re grateful for this facility.


Top-notch schools, universities and research institutes in UK disseminate quality education and training to learners. Oxford and Cambridge, collectively known as Oxbridge, are UK’s prestigious and oldest universities. Also, anyone owning a residence visa can obtain free education in public schools, which is a major advantage and savings for families.

Job opportunities

Being a flourishing metropolitan city, job openings in varied sectors never seems to decline. Different work profiles are in demand across the whole country, therefore qualified candidates always find a role to fit in. In comparison to other parts of the world, it’s relatively easy to set up a residence and gain lawful employment in the UK.

Multicultural life

UK welcomes people from all over the world and hence is a truly culturally diverse city that celebrates multiculturalism. Different cities cater to varied lifestyles. If you would like to experience a fast-paced lifestyle then London is the perfect place, booming with international culture, captivating history and great transport links.

Nature’s beauty

The UK has a variety of landscapes that vary from the quaint charm of the fabled countryside with lakes to dramatic cliffs and caves on the coastlines. Everywhere you go, you’re sure to spot stunning landscapes that’ll make your weekend trips an adventure.

History and culture

UK’s rich history and heritage continue to be strong drivers in attracting people world over. A stroll down the road will let you witness historic lessons as you pass by ancient monuments, cathedrals, palaces, cottages and cultures. Visits to museums and art galleries will showcase Britian’s culture.

The people

Whether they’re from Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, or England, the people of the UK are known for their good manners, kindness, and sarcastic sense of humour. Hard-working and keeping a stiff upper lip are some of the best attributes of Brits.

Move to the UK with E-Movers

At E-Movers, a renowned international moving company, we can take complete control of your international move and secure your belongings with care. From document processing, customs clearance to freight forwarding and pick-up at destination our move coordinator will handle it all. All your goods will arrive in a safe and pristine condition at your doorstep.

Our experienced international relocation services will ensure your happy arrival in the UK. You can also avail of our pet relocation services or handyman services to complement you move. Get started with your move by speaking with our home movers in Delhi.